Choosing CSB/SJU

Alum parents share why their children chose CSB/SJU

"Molly's search included schools with a liberal arts emphasis and a strong, small community feel. She found both plus a lot more in CSB/SJU."
Katy (Deignan) McGrane '93 and Brian McGrane '93

"I think that the sense of community and caring on campus reminded him of his Catholic grade school experience and drew him to consider attending SJU; even to put it at the top of his list."
Chuck Stevens '81

"Reilly was accepted at every school she applied to. After reviewing the financial aid packages, learning more about the schools, and prayer she said that she just had a gut feeling about CSB and when she made the decision it felt right. After she made her final decision she was proud to tell everyone that she was going to CSB/SJU."
Lisa (Mudd) Losness '89

"Our son was looking for a strong business college. He saw the good experiences that his brothers had at CSB/SJU. He understood the value of the Saint Ben's and Saint John's network."
Bob Fischer '82

"She wanted her college to include three things; a top rated education, an emphasis on service, and faith."
Toni Baraga-Samson '85

"Both kids found it to be the most welcoming and personalized school they pursued. They both commented after their tour that they could see themselves being friends with every student they met. That was (we think) what they kept coming back to and what they compared all other school communities against."
Steve Dornbach '90 and Amy (LaPatka) Dornbach '92

"Initially, she said there was 'no way' she was going to CSB. But after taking to some college reps at the National College Fair, and especially after taking a tour of the campus her junior year, she was excited about attending CSB. She still looked at many other colleges, but after a sleepover during her senior year, she felt CSB/SJU was a great fit for her."
Mark Heymans '87

"Eleven months ago, she told me she'd never go to my alma mater, never go to college in Minnesota and would never go to a women's college. She had her heart set on a college in California. Then she attended the CSB/SJU Fly-in Program and LOVED it! She said that Saint Ben's felt like home. We are so proud and pleased. And we are glad it was her decision."
Stephanie Palubicki '78 and Michael G. Kennedy '79