International Student Profiles

Anthonique Hanna
The Bahamas

"I was connected to CSB/SJU before I even laid eyes on it - there are a lot of Bennies and Johnnies in the Bahamas. I really appreciate the academic rigor. Faculty push you to go above and beyond to reach your true potential."

Kunihiro Shimoji

"I could not have received all the great opportunities I have had without my education from CSB/SJU and all the support I received from my friends, professors, and the community."

Yee Kei (Amy) Zheng
Hong Kong

"CSB/SJU has an amazing support system, and there are many opportunities that you can show and share your culture on this campus."

Haruka Kimura

"Going to a Catholic school did concern me a little at first, but I took it as a way to learn something new. Though the school is Catholic, the students and faculty recognize the diversity on campus - in other words, they never assume that you are Catholic or that you are familiar with Catholic tradition."

Long Nguyen

"Don't be surprised when someone walks into your room to say "hi" here. Don't feel weird when someone just stops and holds the door for you even though you are a long ways away. Don't even be shocked when after forgetting to take your laundry out of the dryer, you realize that all of your clothes have been carefully folded. All of these acts and more make the close-knit community between Bennies and Johnnies."

Jaehyun Park
South Korea

"My experience has been amazing because we have a great campus environment. There are many great people, and the class sizes are smaller than many schools, so you easily get to know professors and other students."