Bennies and Johnnies Give Thanks for CSB/SJU

Give Thanks
Bennies and Johnnies gather in the Great Hall to celebrate Thanksgiving before leaving for
break. The Thanksgiving dinner is one of our many campus traditions. Watch the video.

"I'm thankful for CSB/SJU because...

of the family away from home that I have found, especially when Nebraska feels so far away."
it's an amazing place to learn, make new friends, and grow as a person!"
the faculty, staff, students, and community at large are so welcoming and caring."
it gives me a sense of community and family."
it has endless opportunities!"
of the genuine support and care I receive from everyone on campus -
my friends, professors, and all other faculty and staff."
I have had the most amazing opportunities to learn and grow as a person, both on campus and abroad."
I get to live, learn, and have fun on two beautiful campuses with wonderful people!"
the teachers are incredible and so nice!"
of all the amazing people I have met here."
of all the wonderful Bennies and Johnnies who make this campus such a welcoming and happy place."
I have found a loving and supportive family at my home away from home."
you are surrounded by fellow classmates who care about you...being a part of this community,
you become family."
the love, acceptance, and support I have found here make it so easy to call
Saint Ben's and Saint John's my new home."
of the sense of community."
my friends have become my family. I wake up every morning thankful for the Benedictine community."
it is such a generous and wonderful community."
it is a place where learning never ends!"
of the beautiful campus and the supportive community that CSB/SJU offers me everyday."