Fine Arts Scholarship Recommendation Form

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Art, Music and Theater Scholarships

To the applicant:

Please give this web link to a teacher, guidance counselor or community leader who is familiar with your artistic abilities. The completed recommendation should be submitted electronically by January 15. Questions can be directed to:

Art/Theater Applicants:
Terri Johnson
Art & Theater Dept. Coordinator
Benedicta Arts Center A192
37 S. College Ave
St. Joseph, MN 56374
Phone: 320-363-5036
Email: [email protected]


Music Applicants:
Deirdre Harkins
Music Department Coordinator
Benedicta Arts Center 116A
37 S. College Ave
St. Joseph, MN 56374
Phone: 320-363-5796
Email: [email protected]

To the recommender:

This form will aid the Scholarship Committee with the evaluation of this student's Art, Music or Theater Scholarship application. The information provided below is one part of the total evaluation of the applicant's eligibility for a scholarship.

For which scholarship(s) is the student applying?
In describing this student please rate that student 1-4, with 1 meaning below average and 4 meaning excellent:
Based on this student's past performance and future potential, do you recommend this student for an Art, Music or Theater Scholarship?
All students, by law, have full access to their records and files upon enrollment. Please instruct us on how to handle your recommendation.
We very much value any comments you have regarding this student's ability in the area in which he or she is applying (Art, Music or Theater). Please attach your comments using the method that is easiest for you: either by attaching a Word document or typing them in the comment box below.