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MapCores Overview

The Mathematics, Physics, Computer Science Research Scholars (MapCores) program is a special opportunity for women interested in studying those disciplines.

The Benefit of Being a MapCores Student

  • Students will receive a scholarship of $21,000 a year (4 -year value of $84,000).
  • Students will receive valuable mentoring in their field. Students will gain specific mentoring, academic, leadership and research experiences which will help prepare them for careers in these fields.
  • Students will go through a program that starts with a special science-focused HonorsFirst-Year Seminar, continues in the sophomore year with a Problem Solving Seminar, then a Research Seminar in the junior year, and finally a Senior Research Project in the senior year.
  • Students will have access to summer research opportunities on and off campus.

To be Considered for the Scholarship

  • Apply for admission to CSB/SJU by January 1.
  • Complete the short "I'm Interested in MapCores" form. Please note that completion of this form simply indicates your interest in MapCores. It does not guarantee consideration for the program, nor does it commit you to the MapCores program and/or CSB/SJU if selected.
  • While all students with a strong interest in Mathetmatics, Physics, or Computer Science are encouraged to apply, preference will be given to students who have been historically underrepresented - minorities and students with significant financial need. 

Contact Information

For further information on this program see our Frequently Asked Questions page or contact: