College Experts are Talking about CSB/SJU!

While college guidebooks are popular sources of information for prospective students, very few guidebook editors have actually visited the colleges they rate, rank and review.

We thought you'd like to hear from real experts who have actually visited our campuses, met our faculty and students, and have first-hand insights about CSB/SJU. With that in mind, we've invited dozens of college guidance counselors from around the U.S. to spend a few days on our campuses.

Claire Nold-Glaser

Claire Nold-Glaser, Independent College Counselor
Seattle, Wash.

"When I talk with prospective students about CSB/SJU, it's the nature of the students, faculty and staff and the strong sense of community and tradition that I mention first. The academics are strong and the enthusiasm for learning both in and out of the classroom is evident by how engaged people are in the life of the school. The Benedictine Values are inclusive and affirming as they challenge us to be our best selves."


Skip Zickmund, Guidance Director
Mullen High School, Denver, Colo.

“Very few colleges offer a sense of community and tradition as strongly as does CSB/SJU. The students embrace the idea of hospitality and I was amazed at their sense of what it means to be a Johnnie /Bennie. The beauty of the campus and the surrounding are enhanced by the quality of the students who attend. Without a doubt, this is a truly unique place.”


Jamie Kim, Associate Director of College Counseling
St. Agnes Academy, Houston, Texas

"CSB/SJU are colleges that continue to grow--politically, culturally, academically--it's a ripe time for any student to have the potential to explore these opportunities and become leaders on the campuses. CSB/SJU seem to welcome students who want to thrive in a campus that wants to grow with their students."

Bob Kennedy

Bob Kennedy, Post Grad Counselor
Smoky Hill High School, Denver, Colo.

"Simply put, one of the coolest colleges I've ever visited! The school spirit, pride and camaraderie amongst staff and students was unlike anything I've ever seen from a college of comparable size. Outstanding!"


Lynne Tsuda, Senior Class Dean
Punahou School, Honolulu, Hawaii

"It's abundantly clear that the CSB/SJU community truly lives the Benedictine Values, not merely repeats them."


Diane Pfeiffer, Advanced Education Counselor
Harry A. Burke High School, Omaha, Neb.

"CSB/SJU are heaven on earth."


Kathy Janata, Counselor
Marian High School, Omaha, Neb.

"You can really feel the sense of community and pride. The whole Johnnie/Bennie thing is quite amazing! CSB/SJU have an inclusive and community-based atmosphere. The colleges are very global and offer endless opportunities."


Merrily Brannigan, College Counselor
YES Prep Public Schools, Houston, Texas

"CSB/SJU are a place of beautiful spirit and educational exploration. It is clear that everyone embraces the core Benedictine Values--Catholics and non-Catholics alike. The colleges are places where students can really be themselves."


Megan Diefenbach, College Counselor
Holy Names Academy, Seattle, Wash.

"CSB/SJU have a strong community, beautiful campuses and confident, kind students. The two colleges form an amazingly unique college experience. At times, I forgot that they were separate entities!"


Nancy Budar, College Counselor
San Pedro High School, San Pedro, Calif.

"CSB/SJU students are positive, happy, friendly, excited and proud of their schools. The colleges are a great place to have a wonderful education and form lifetime friendships. There is a strong sense of school pride."


Ann Freitas, College Counselor
Bellarmine College Preparatory, San Jose, Calif.

"There is a real global awareness at CSB/SJU and a very strong sense of community. Students are very proud to be Johnnies and Bennies and I could tell that students were very satisfied with their college experience."