Admission Young Alum Ambassador

Primary Staff Contact: Carol Gadd-Marshall

Purpose of Position: The purpose of this position is to provide prospective students with on-call information and experience about specific CSB/SJU preprofessional programs, majors and careers in targeted areas.


  • Connect one on one, at the direction of admission staff with prospective students exploring grad school or career options. One on one connections can be in person, via the phone, zoom, e-mail or text.
  • Share personal experiences about your CSB and SJU experience
  • Share personal experiences about how your CSB and SJU experiences prepared you for grad school or a professional career in your field
  • Respond to prospective student questions
  • Submit a report of volunteer activities with the admission department including time and mileage


  • Must be an alumna of CSB or an alumnus of SJU within 10 years of graduation
  • Be enrolled in a graduate program, or in a professional career in the following areas: Medicine, OT, PT, PA, Engineering, Accounting & Finance, or Business, or others as determined by Admission staff.
  • Must have completed required CSB/SJU Admission training

Training Requirements:

  • Be current with college and university statistics (At A Glance, Demographic Profile of both institutions, Institutional History, Coordinate details)
  • Be generally familiar with the admission process (Application process and deadlines)
  • General knowledge of Financial Aid (merit-based aid and need based aid, FAFSA)
  • Maintain current awareness of frequently asked questions and supporting responses

Time Commitment:

  • 30-60 minutes to connect with prospective student on an on-call basis.
  • An additional 30-60 minutes if needed to follow-up, check-in, answer additional questions
  • This is a one-year term and you will be asked to continue as a volunteer annually.


  • Positive connection to CSB and SJU
  • Skill development in areas of mentoring, recruitment, and persuasion
  • Meeting the next generation of Bennies and Johnnies