Student Mentor Talking Points

  1. Begin with introductions – who you are, your connection to CSB+SJU, brief description of employment position or grad school attending.
  2. Explain the purpose of the contact – CSB+SJU Admission has created a new program for alums to communicate with incoming students for them to have a resource and Bennie/Johnnie connection before they even arrive on campus.
  3. Get to know the student and find commonalities by asking lots of questions:
    • “How was your high school experience?” (May want to comment on graduation, or the absence of ceremony).
    • “I see you’re interested in (academic program)….what has led you to that area of study? (If a student is undecided, ask what they think their strengths are)
    • “Have you thought about a career path or are you still exploring?”
    • “What activities have you been involved with outside of the classroom?”
    • “Which of those will you pursue at CSB+SJU?”
    • “What are your plans for the summer? Work? Travel? Sports? Music?”
    • “What led you to enroll at CSB+SJU?”
    • “Have you visited the campuses, and if so, how long ago?”
    • “What do you hope to get out of your college experience?
  4. Topics for discussion as they apply to you and the student’s interests:
    • A brief description of your CSB+SJU experience, and why you chose CSB+SJU
    • How the Benedictine values shaped your growth as a student and alum
    • How CSB+SJU helped you develop the skills necessary to be successful in your current position (critical thinking, problem solving, speaking, etc.)
    • Opportunities for faculty interaction
    • Opportunities for research
    • Career exploration and internships
    • Study Abroad
  5. Topics to avoid unless they bring it up:
    • Family (other than to ask if they are a legacy and had other family members attend CSB+SJU).
    • Religion (other than to point out the Benedictine values and how they shaped your college experience)
    • Financial aid (refer them to the Financial Aid Office or to Carol Gadd-Marshall at [email protected]).
    • Drug/alcohol issues on campus
    • CSB+SJU as a “party school”
  6. Some helpful links:
    1. Frequently Asked Questions
    2. Essential Admission Links for Volunteers