Admission & Financial Aid

Enrollment Partners Volunteer Confidentiality Agreement


To provide volunteers with an understanding of the standards regarding use of confidential information.


1. Information provided to volunteers about prospective students (including personal, acceptance and enrollment information) is considered strictly confidential. This information is to be used by volunteers solely in the performance of their duties as volunteers for Saint Ben’s and Saint John’s.

2. Information should not be shared with any volunteers who have not signed this agreement and who are not an Admission volunteer.

3. Information may not be transferred to any other party without approval from CSB+SJU staff.

4. The information received is not be used for any purposes other than those for which it has been provided.

5. Use of confidential information to market or sell products or services, or use in the solicitation of funds or for programmatic purposes for any entity other than CSB, is expressly prohibited.

6. Any electronic information must be stored in an institutional site such as SharePoint (not third-party sites such as Google Docs).

7. Proper disposal of confidential information includes shredding printed materials, deleting electronic files or returning the information to CSB+SJU.

8. All volunteers are required to adhere to this policy. Breaches in confidentiality may result in my termination of access to confidential information, or termination of volunteer opportunities with the College of Saint Benedict and Saint John’s University at the discretion of the primary staff contact.

PRINT NAME: _________________________________________

SIGNATURE: __________________________________________

Please print, sign and return to:

College of Saint Benedict
Admission Office, Schoenecker Commons
Attn: Carol Gadd-Marshall
37 South College Avenue
St. Joseph, MN 56362