The Do's and Don'ts for College Fairs


  • Remain until the end of the fair. Notify the NACAC representative if you have to leave early.
  • Check in at the NACAC information table if you are an alumni representative.
  • Be courteous to other exhibitors and fair attendees.
  • Distribute only informational and educational materials about your institution.
  • Stay behind your exhibit table when having conversations with fair attendees.
  • Fill out an exhibitor evaluation and return it to the information table at the end of the fair.
  • Keep the aisles clear of boxes and materials.
  • Feel free to send invitation letters to interested parents and students, notifying them of your upcoming attendance at a future fair.


  • Bring displays that are taller than 20 inches high from your table.
  • Distribute bags, pens, candy, posters, pennants or any other promotional materials.
  • Leave materials about your institution in the restrooms or any areas other than your exhibit space.
  • Leave your exhibit space unattended.
  • Allow more than three representatives in your exhibit space at a time.
  • Use any audio/visual equipment that will disturb fellow exhibitors.

Thank you for following these guidelines to ensure a successful fair!

For other information concerning rules of College Fairs please see the NACAC representative at the information table or contact the NACAC national office at [email protected] or (800)-822-6285.