Admitted Student Mentor

Primary Staff Contact: Carol Gadd-Marshall

Purpose of Position: The purpose of this position is to support prospective students from the time they are admitted to the time they enroll at CSB or SJU or elsewhere.

Responsibilities (all or some of these are options):

  • Attend card writing events to generate hand written, personal notes congratulating prospective students on their acceptance, and welcoming them to the CSB/SJU community.
  • Attend admitted student receptions to meet and greet admitted and enrolled students and their families. Socialize and mingle while sharing your CSB and SJU experiences.
  • Attend one on one coffee shop/lunch meetings, as directed by Admission staff, with admitted students who would benefit from additional personal attention and connections to the CSB/SJU community.
  • At a territory manager’s direction, email, text, phone or hand write a note to the student and/or parents.
  • Share personal experiences about your CSB and SJU experience
  • Conduct similar conversations with prospective students who are younger and have not yet applied or been admitted as opportunity arises.
  • Respond to prospective student or parent questions
  • Submit a report of volunteer activities with the admission department including time and mileage


  • Must be an alumna of CSB or an alumnus of SJU
  • Willingness to meet one on one with admitted students and/or their families
  • Must have completed required CSB/SJU Admission training
  • Willingness to handwrite notes in a legible manner

Training Requirements:

  • Be current with college and university statistics (At A Glance, Demographic Profile of both institutions, Institutional History, Coordinate details)
  • Be generally familiar with the admission process (Application process and deadlines)
  • General knowledge of Financial Aid (merit-based aid and need based aid, FAFSA)
  • Maintain current awareness of frequently asked questions and supporting responses
  • Be familiar with the enrollment process and timeline (housing, course selection, etc.)
  • Be familiar with student development (FYX, College Success course, etc.)

Time Commitment:

Time commitment varies by activity. Typical time commitments for these events is as follows:

  • Card writing events- 2-3 hours
  • Accepted Student Receptions- 2-3 hours
  • One on One meetings- 1 hour
  • Communication with accepted student’s families- varies
  • Travel to and from the event or meeting location
  • This is a one-year term and you will be asked to continue as a volunteer annually.


  • Positive connection to CSB and SJU
  • Skill development in areas of public speaking, recruitment, and persuasion
  • Networking with other CSB and SJU alums