Visit CSB

Take the College of Saint Benedict exit (160) off I-94, located approximately five miles west of St. Cloud. Head north on County Road 2, which becomes Minnesota Street as you enter the city of St. Joseph. Turn right at College Ave. Approximately one block on your left you will see visitor parking in Parking Lot 1. Cross the street at the crosswalk. As you enter the gates, the Main Building will be the first building you see. The Admission Office is on the first floor of the Main Building.

maphcc.gif (14203 bytes)

A.   Main Building

B.   Teresa Hall

C.   Sacred Heart Chapel

D.  Main Convent

E. Garage

F. Power House

G. Regina Hall

H. Mary Hall Commons

I. Bookstore & Post Office

J. Aurora Hall

K. Corona Hall


L. West Apartments
  1. Schumacher
  2. Smith
  3. Sohler
  4. Gable
  5. Girgen
  6. Westkaemper
  7. Dominica Borgerding

M. Evin Hall

N. Clemens Library

O. Henrita Academic Building

P. East Apartments

  1. McDonald
  2. Wirth
  3. Zierden
  4. S. Nora Luetmer
Q. Richarda Hall & Upward Bound

R. Pool & Murray Hall

S. Claire Lynch Hall

T. Haehn Campus Center

U. Idzerda House

V. Athletic Fields

W. Tennis Courts

X. Benedicta Arts Center

Y. Margretta Hall

Z. Ardolf Science Center

AA. Lottie and Frank J. Ardolf Jr. Hall

BB. Brian Hall

CC. Bus Stop Warming House