How do CSB/SJU Wisconsin students spend their summers?

Powered by dairy products, the infectious beat of House of Pain’s classic “Jump Around,” and an undying adoration for the Green Bay Packers, Wisconsinites are bravely crossing over to Minnesota for a college experience at Saint Ben’s and Saint John’s. Here is a snapshot of how 11 CSB/SJU Wisconsinites are spending their summers!

CSB/SJU student from Wisconsin CSB/SJU student from Wisconsin

Major: Accounting Major, CPA Concentration
Hometown: Hudson, Minnesota
Summer Experience: Assurance Intern

"This summer I am working as an Assurance Intern at PwC. My role primarily includes assisting in audit procedures on a variety of clients. Aside from day to day work a primary goal of working at PwC this summer is gaining an understanding of the firm's culture. Similar to choosing a college I have found that looking for post grad opportunities is a lot about the people you are going to be surrounded by and the company values. 
Saint Ben's and Saint John's helped me achieve my goal of interning at a Big 4 Accounting Firm. From day one students at CSB/SJU become familiar with the opportunities our accounting degree can bring after graduation. Events such as Big 4 and More Night on campus allow students to meet recruiters and full time employees in a comfortable environment. 
The accounting department also offers events such as interview prep night where students practice interviewing in a simulation setting to get comfortable with common interview questions. Another great opportunity CSB/SJU offers is the Deloitte and PwC Audit competition teams. I was part of the Deloitte Audit Team my sophomore year. Through the competition I was able to better understand what auditors do and get more reassurance that I was choosing the correct career path.  
Choosing CSB/SJU: The Bennie-Johnnie Community is absolutely why I chose CSB/SJU. To go a little further I had always been told that the Bennie/ Johnnie community extends past our campuses and as I have began to search for jobs I have really seen the strength of our network. Every position I have applied for I have been in contact with a Bennie or Johnnie currently working at the firm/ company. I have found that Bennie's and Johnnie's will go out of their way to help in any way they can. 


Major/Minor: Psychology/Philosophy
Hometown: Onalaska, Wisconsin
Summer Experience: Fiji Study Abroad Trip

I just returned from a short term trip to Fiji. We traveled to various parts of the main island to study both the culture and commerce of Fiji, by visiting villages and meeting the people who live there, as well as meeting and talking with various business leaders about their work and operations in Fiji. My favorite part was during a visit to the Navala village. We arrived right as school was letting out for the day, and things quickly shifted from touring the village to just playing tag and other games with the hundred or so schoolchildren. It was one of the most genuine and rewarding spur-of-the-moment experiences I've ever had. I chose the Fiji program because it presented a culture and location that was in great contrast to those in which I had been raised, and as a result, presented a unique and complex opportunity for growth in a fairly short time. I can honestly say I learned more than I ever thought I would in those few weeks, and I greatly improved both my global consciousness, and my individual perception of life. It was a life-changing journey that has changed me for the better!
Choosing CSB/SJU: Everything during my visits was inviting, and the people I met were genuinely excited about everything here, whether that be their studies, the campuses, or their day-to-day lives. The campuses were beautiful and different enough from each other to provide two kinds of environments, while still maintaining the same warmth and enthusiasm throughout. The statistics about graduates tell a great story of success from students who attend school here, but even more than that, the engagement and pride that our alumni have for these institutions is a testament to just how special the experience is here. I can personally attest to the specialness of that experience, and I am very proud to be able to call myself a Johnnie!
CSB/SJU student from Wisconsin CSB/SJU student from Wisconsin

Major/Minor: Political Science/Philosophy
Hometown: Appleton, Wisconsin
Summer Experience: Research Intern in Washington, D.C. 

As a research intern for the East Asia Program at the Henry L. Stimson Center, I provide a daily news brief of security and defense related news focused on Japan and East Asia. I help with any research tasks that may help with completing reports or other projects. This can include fact-finding, policy analysis, attending events and listening to other professionals, or creating my own reports to inform the research associates and fellow scholars. Finally, I am working on my own research at the center for an op-ed that will be published near the end of the summer.

I have also made new friends and met influential people in Washington, D.C. this summer. The Summer Study program provides many opportunities to meet legislative assistants, lobbyists, policymakers, etc. and seek out new connections and opportunities. I get to tour museums, listen to live music, and spend time in an amazing city. As a fan of politics and history, Washington, D.C. is the place to be.

Choosing CSB/SJU: I chose CSB/SJU is because of my long family history related to the college and university. I had been many times before and knew it was a place that felt like home. Beyond that, I will say I came for the reason everyone says that they do – the strong community. I knew I wanted to be away from a city and in a place where I could learn more about myself and CSB/SJU is a place where you can do that.


Major/Minor: Political Science/Communication
Hometown: New Richmond, Wisconsin
Summer Experience: Communications Intern in Washington, D.C. 

As the Communications Intern for the Susan B. Anthony List,  I spend my day designing graphics for and drafting social media posts, replying to emails our general account receives, trying my hand at writing press releases, and anything else my department may need. I help out a lot for our weekly TV show with EWTN by participating in brainstorming sessions, drafting promotional emails, and attending the recording of the show. This internship has been amazing and moving forward I hope to one day return to Washington, D.C. and work in Communications.
The D.C. program helps Bennies and Johnnies network with CSB/SJU alumni and others in D.C. Thanks to the program I have been able to have several informational interviews with alumni that are helpful in giving advice on careers, life in D.C., and even offering to help me find a job after graduation. 
Choosing CSB/SJU: I chose CSB/SJU for so many different reasons, but I specifically remember visiting campus my senior year to interview for a few different scholarships before I enrolled. I was sitting in the seminar about the honors program in which I learned about the Great Books course at CSB/SJU. I remember turning to my mom and saying "That class alone makes me want to be a Bennie." The rest is history (and yes, I am enrolled in Great Books for this upcoming fall semester 😊).
CSB/SJU student from Wisconsin CSB/SJU student from Wisconsin

Major/Minor: Biology/Environmental Studies
Hometown: Hudson, Wisconsin
Summer Experience: Mosquito Inspector

I am a mosquito inspector for the Metropolitan Mosquito Control District. I mostly inspect sites for mosquito larvae and then treat the sites. I am currently thinking I would like to become a field biologist, so this job is helping to prepare me to know what it is like to be outside in the field everyday, and what kind of perseverance is required to be out in almost any weather conditions that a Midwest summer can throw at you. 
CSB/SJU gave me the skills to work smoothly and efficiently along side my coworkers and  communicate with anyone I may meet out in the field. I also have gained critical thinking skills that help me to problem solve any predicament I may come across while at work. CSB/SJU has also increased my love of the outdoors and nature. 
Choosing CSB/SJU: I chose CSB/SJU because the campus was beautiful and everyone I met was welcoming and happy to meet me. I also felt that they were genuinely concerned with my future and that they wanted to help me achieve my goals. The small class sizes drew me to CSB/SJU because I wanted to have a personal relationship with my professors, and the small size promoted a higher quality of learning.


Major/Minor: English/Secondary Education
Hometown: Racine, Wisconsin
Summer Experience: Orientation Coordinator

As an Orientation Coordinator, I am working all summer preparing for the next generation of Bennies and Johnnies. Orientation is a four day, highly energetic and often hectic experience that gives incoming first years the chance to meet each other and all the resources we have here. My responsibilities include working with Campus Ministry for the First Year Mass, Events and Catering to feed over a 1,000 people for the weekend, Professor Kari-Shane Davis Zimmerman and her presentation on sexual assault, and planning the President's Dinner, which is the part of Orientation I am most excited for! Working as an OC will help me in my career as I now have experience in working with school administrators as well as planning large scale events.
Choosing CSB/SJU: I wanted to attend a small, Catholic college where I wouldn't be just a face in the crowd. I also came here for fantastic study abroad programs (I leave for Greece this August!), as well as the overwhelming feeling of belonging. Whether it was the kindness that fellow students showed me on my visit, my energetic tour guides, or my outstanding admissions counselor, I could tell from the very beginning that I was wanted here at CSB/SJU!
CSB/SJU student from Wisconsin CSB/SJU student from Wisconsin

Major/Minor: Biology/Hispanic Studies and Environmental Studies
Hometown: Eagle, Wisconsin
Summer Experience: Student Bee Researcher

This summer, I am looking into how pollinator populations (bees, wasps, flies, moths, butterflies, ants) are different in different habitats. Basically, I'm trying to find out what lives in the different places of the Saint John's Arboretum, like the woods, wetlands, and prairie. 

In comparing these different places, I'll be able to assess how productively our ecosystems are functioning. I can also share my findings with the Outdoor University to help shape land management plans. 

Being able to design and work through a research project is very valuable for my future and for graduate school. I had direct mentorship from a professor, as well as support from three others, all because I asked if they'd be willing to guide me along the process - this close relationship is something special about CSB/SJU. The research experience shows I'm ambitious, able to work through hardship independently, as well as have a passion for research and experience in it as well. If all goes as planned, I'll be able to move right from undergraduate studies into graduate school thanks in part to my work with the bees.

Choosing CSB/SJU:  I'm actually related to three monks in the Monastery, they're my Grandpa's brothers, so my great Munkles. As a kid, I would come up to Saint John's with my Grandpa and family to visit with them, and I fell in love with the place. The lakes, prairie, forests were impossible to resist, and then I found out that the education I would get is top-notch too! It was everything I could have wanted in a college experience. 


Major: English and Theology, Honors
Hometown: Malone, Wisconsin
Summer Experience: Publicity Director

My primary job with the Holyland Food Pantry is to inform the greater community about our existence, our aspirations, and our needs. I designed a website where we can post pictures, thank donors, request donations, and advertise for fundraisers and food drives. I visit the various social services in the area to drop off brochures, and am currently working to establish partnerships with the area newspapers to get us in the public eye. The Food Pantry is sponsored by several local parishes and businesses, and I am responsible for keeping them informed of our needs and activities. Meanwhile, I am training other volunteers to pick up these jobs once I return to being a Bennie in August.
At CSB/SJU, I work for Saint Ben’s Campus Ministry, where I do some similar odds ‘n ends jobs concerning community engagement.If I have learned anything through my volunteer experience with the Holyland Food Pantry, it is that anyone can improve his or her community. No matter what talent or skillset you have to offer, there is definitely a niche somewhere in the community that you can fill and serve.
Choosing CSB/SJU: When I first visited, I felt like I was home. And that was amazing to me because St. Joseph and Collegeville are nearly six hours away from my home in Wisconsin. Saint Ben’s and Saint John’s posed a challenge to me: could I really forge my own identity, shape my whole future, so far from everything I’ve known? I have had fun tackling that challenge. Last year, I experienced the joy of joining the CSB/SJU community, finding my niche, and making my mark… and I’m excited to get to do it again this Fall.  
CSB/SJU student from Wisconsin CSB/SJU student from Wisconsin

Major: Individualized Major in Film Studies
Hometown: Thiensville, Wisconsin
Summer Experience: Digital Media Specialist Student Assistant

I am researching different coding softwares, educational robotics programs, and experimenting with 3D Printing. The Media Services department is trying to introduce these programs into more majors and create interest. We plan to hold events this year to gear up more interest in Computer Science and robotics. So far this summer I have 3D printed a guitar, and am leading a robotics conference. Soon I hope to print my own drone to fly remotely and capture arial footage for future film projects. This job is giving me really valuable experience working in an environment that lets me control the projects I'm interested in. 
This summer I've been working on documentary footage I captured while visiting my grandmother during the Easter season. I will be using it for my documentary film class this next semester. I hope to be able to make at least one more short film this summer and enter it into the St Cloud film festival. I am already planning on entering my short film that I'd presented at the CSB/SJU Student Film Festival.
Choosing CSB/SJU: I chose CSB/SJU because my family has a strong connection here. My parents were a Bennie and a Johnnie, both of my dad's siblings went to CSB/SJU and married Johnnies. I also came because the school offered me an opportunity to learn more in an environment that I was familiar and comfortable with, but still presented me opportunities to get out of my comfort zone. I'm able to reach beyond my own expectations for myself because this school has taught me to want and expect more for myself. As someone with close ties to my family, it was nice to move hours away and still find a family in everyone on campus. None of the tour guides are lying when they talk about the community that is present on campus, people really look out for each other and in this day and age, that's really refreshing.


Major: Biology
Hometown: River Falls, Wisconsin
Summer Experience: Fort Knox ROTC Advanced Camp

Advanced Camp is a 32-day charater-driven course designed to develop and evaluate the Army’s future officers in the science and art of leadership. Events include an Army Physical Fitness Test, Land Navigation, CBRN (Chemical, Biological, Radiological, and Nuclear) training course, Basic Rifle Marksmanship, First Aid, Call for Fire, Cultural Awareness, Repelling Tower course and a 10-day tactical field training exercise. Cadets spend approximately 20 days sleeping in the Kentucky wilderness training with basic infantry tactics. The 10 day field training exercise is a simulated battlefield where cadets will conduct two infantry missions a day against the enemy and test their true character in a extremely stressful environment. Besides hands-on leadership development, the biggest thing I’ve developed is my resilience in the face of strong adversity which can be carried over into any aspect of life.
ROTC at CSB/SJU is one of the best programs in the nation for a number of reasons. The access to Saint John’s surrounding wilderness allows cadets to exercise tactical knowledge from the classroom and experience the benefits of hands-on leadership training. Second, the Benedictine values instilled in everyone has allowed us to develop the character the Army expects from their leaders. 
Choosing CSB/SJU:  I immediately felt welcomed and part of the community when I walked on campus. As a senior I was given a tour of CSB/SJU by my brother-in-law’s little brother who was a junior ROTC cadet. He introduced me to other cadets and the person in charge of recruiting at CSB/SJU ROTC. I fell in love the beauty of Saint John’s and the professor-student ratio in the classroom. 

CSB/SJU student from Wisconsin

Major/Minor: Accounting & Finance/Economics
Hometown: Eau Claire, Wisconsin
Summer Experience: Corporate Financial Analyst Intern

I am working in the Employer and Individual segment of UnitedHealth Care and was assigned to analyze different potential opportunities and risks across the country. This helps career aspirations because it's exposing to so much information I didn't know about. I have met so many people just working there, which will definitely be helpful in the future.
CSB/SJU prepared me for my internship in a lot of ways. I found out about the internship was at a career fair put on by Career Services. They put on a lot of events and have a lot of other great resources to help students find internships. My professors were also really helpful getting me prepared for the interview process and teaching me how to present myself. For the actual internship, I would be lost without the knowledge I've learned from my various accounting and finance classes. The professors not only teach you the tools you need for their class, but also in your career. Everything I've learned is really applicable. 
Choosing CSB/SJU:
I first heard about SJU because my cousin who is four years older than me was attending CSB at the time I was college hunting. I knew that I wanted to be a finance major, so I wanted a school with a great business program. I'm so glad I decided on SJU. I had some homesickness at the beginning of freshman year and was unsure if I had made the right decision, but I'm happy I stuck with it because every year I find something new that I love about the school and find a new appreciation for it.