CSB/SJU Students from Illinois

We love having students from Illinois join the CSB/SJU community! Here is a snapshot of how six students from Illinois spent their summers and why they chose CSB/SJU for their education.

CSB/SJU student from Chicago CSB/SJU student from Chicago

Major: Global Business Leadership
Hometown: Flossmoor, Ill.
Summer Experience: Operations Intern at Women's Pro Golfer's Association Championship

Working operations for a major championship has been an eye-opening experience. The preparation begins well over a year in advance, and our team was responsible for pulling it all together in a matter of weeks. Every day you arrive on-site is another opportunity to be creative, innovative and utilize the critical thinking skills a liberal arts institution like CSB/SJU instills in the student body. Being able to approach a given situation and having the ability to analyze and constructively problem-solve has made all the difference in the way I approach my everyday life.

Working with the PGA made a substantial impact on my career path. I had the pleasure of moving to beautiful Seattle, Washington, and meeting many public figures such as Brian Urlacher, Bo Jackson, Condoleezza Rice, Don Cheadle, and many more. These humbling occurrences have put me in a position to thrive, both academically and professionally.

Choosing CSB/SJU: I came to SJU on a national fly-in weekend over Saint Patrick’s Day and the campus was vibrant. I loved the atmosphere and thoroughly enjoyed my weekend visit. Ultimately, I chose to attend an institution closer to home. After 3 semesters, I made the decision to transfer to CSB/SJU to major in Global Business. Aside from the curriculum, I have come to realize the professors and student body are what make CSB/SJU a remarkable institution. Saint John’s is home to some of the most down-to-earth individuals I have met. 


Major: Nursing
Hometown: Chicago, Ill.
Summer Experience: Wilderness Camp Counselor

This summer, I worked as a camp counselor at Camp Ondessonk, located in the Shawnee National Forest of Southern Illinois. As a child, I was a camper at the same camp for three summers. Now, I have spent my last four summers as a counselor. Once I graduate from CSB, I hope to become a pediatric nurse. Working at a summer camp provides great experience in working with children. 
Choosing CSB/SJU: Growing up, I would come to Johnnie football games with my family, as both my parents attended CSB/SJU. My older sister graduated from CSB in 2014. I always loved visiting her and the campus. I participated in the national fly-in program as a senior in high school. The fly-in program solidified my decision to attend CSB/SJU. The students were so friendly and helpful, making CSB/SJU feel like home. During my fly-in visit, I had the opportunity to tour the nursing facilities. The new facilities blew me away and made me excited to get to use them one day. 
As a student now, I am a member of the Nursing Club and I enjoy hosting prospective students. I want to give them the same, positive experience I had when I was in their shoes. I hope others find their home, just like I did. 
CSB/SJU student from Illinois CSB/SJU student from Illinois

Majors: Communication and Music Performance
Hometown: Geneseo, ILL.
Summer Experience: Grant Writing Intern and Oboe Teacher 

I’m a double major, and this means I split my summer into two disciplines. I had two internships over the summer—one was a grant writing internship for the Putnam Museum & Science Center and the other was a stewardship/grant writing for Dress for Success Quad Cities. I also taught beginner band in my hometown and held private oboe lessons for five students. My favorite part was knowing that I was fundraising for causes I truly love and teaching students whose young minds are creative and ready to learn! I found my internships through personal networking. CSB/SJU encourages students to take their own path, and I think I have perfectly exemplified that during my summer experiences. What is more liberal arts than writing a grant one day and teaching a musical instrument the next?
Choosing CSB/SJU: I chose CSB/SJU because the staff and campus were so welcoming. I participated in a national fly-in weekend, and that confirmed my love of the campus. The entire campus community wants you to succeed—peers support each other, teachers challenge us to think critically, and the faculty ensure we’re always informed. At CSB/SJU I am actively involved in music ensembles such as the wind ensemble and orchestra. I spend most of my time practicing, completing assignments and attending events on campus.


Major/Minor: Public Accounting/Global Business Leadership
Hometown: Palatine, Ill.
Summer Experience: Music Recording Artist 

Over the summer I recorded the second album produced by my four piece rock band, Northern Lights. We recorded this album in five sessions with a sound engineer who has recorded bands such as Kiss, Styx, and Smashing Pumpkins. We later toured downtown Chicago, playing at bars and clubs. It was an absolutely incredible experience and I am looking forward to the album’s release.

Choosing CSB/SJU: SJU was one of the last schools that I visited. Upon first impression, I was awestruck by its glassy lakes and beautiful forests. The next thing that I noticed was the mood of the students milling around campus. At most other schools, these same students would be walking slouched, sporting blank expressions, just looking completely unhappy. However, at CSB/SJU, everyone just seemed happier, bouncing around and messing around. Long story short, it just looked like a bunch of guys being dudes, and I loved it. There is an unparalleled sense of community and companionship at this institution. For a student looking to venture out of state, this is the place to go.

CSB/SJU student from Illinois CSB/SJU student from Chicago

Major: Psychology
Hometown: West Chicago, Ill.
Summer Experience: Mission Trip

I went on a two week mission trip, through FOCUS (Followship Of Catholic University Students), to Indonesia to serve the people who are living on the fringes of society. 

Choosing CSB/SJU: I chose CSB/SJU after reading about it in the mail. Attending a National Fly-in Weekend really helped with my decision, because I had the opportunity to experience the campus and get to know some current students. After the Fly-in weekend, I felt at home here. 


Major: English, Honors
Hometown: Huntley, Ill.
Summer Experience: Grassroots Mobilization Intern 

This summer I worked as a Grassroots Mobilization Intern for NETWORK Lobby for Catholic Social Justice in Washington, D.C.  I spent the summer working on various projects that encourage constituents to become more involved in politics, and especially worked to connect the faith aspect with current political issues. Healthcare was a significant issue during my time in D.C., so I assisted the staff with various healthcare tasks including attending and organizing rallies, creating letters to send to members of Congress, and compiling names of faith leaders to petition to Senators and Representatives.  
The Washington, D.C. Summer Study Program offered at CSB/SJU provides Bennies and Johnnies the opportunity to network with alum, meet with a diverse group of political leaders and experts, and live in a city that is entirely unique. Spending a summer in our nation’s capital was an incredible experience and opened my eyes to the post-grad world!
Choosing CSB/SJU: Ironically, my aunt (who was a Tommie) told me to consider Minnesota schools! I visited CSB/SJU for a national fly-in weekend and fell in love with everything about it. Needless to say, I broke her heart choosing her rival school, but it’s the best decision I’ve ever made!