Our Community


Our community is built on campus by our students, fostered by our unbeatable alum network and steeped in over a century of tradition. We're one big family.


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Bennies and Johnnies

  • Visitors to campus frequently comment on the warm welcome our student body provides. We hope you visit and experience the strength of our community for yourself.
  • We have about 3,700 students haling from 38 states and 30 countries. International students make up nearly six percent of the student body.

Four-Year Residential Program

  • With eighty-five percent of our students living on campus, CSB/SJU is constantly buzzing with the vibrancy of student life.
  • Our residence program is one reason why the CSB/SJU community lasts a lifetime. Students who live on campus spend more time together, eat meals together, attend events and activities together, and according to research, have higher GPAs and more friends compared to students who live off campus.
  • Rooms in our first-year residence halls have sinks and spacious closets, and the living options only get better from there. Suites, apartments, town homes and houses are all on-campus living options.

Benedictine Heritage

  • The Catholic character of CSB/SJU is shaped by the Benedictine communities that founded the colleges in the nineteenth century. Today, Benedictine women and men remain actively involved on campus. Their prayerful presence in community life provides the stable sense of home for which we are so well known. 
  • CSB/SJU are guided by the Benedictine Values distilled from the Rule of Saint Benedict, written in the sixth century by St. Benedict, the founder of the Benedictine monastic order.

The Strength of the CSB/SJU Network

  • Once a Bennie or Johnnie, always a Bennie or Johnnie. It's that simple. 
  • Our alums frequently report that it was a CSB/SJU connection that helped them get hired, get promoted or switch careers.
  • We have 42,500 alums in CANE, a network to help set up shadowing experiences and informational interviews, find mentors, and connect to internships and jobs.