Meet Barry Griffin '09

What were you involved with while at CSB/SJU?

There were many options to choose from at CSB/SJU in terms of extracurricular involvement and I took full advantage of that. I was a member of the Saint John's Senate for all four years at CSB/SJU. In addition, I was part of the International Affairs Society and Entrepreneur Scholars (Entrepreneurship Program).

Through these activities I was able to pursue my interests in global affairs and entrepreneurship. It was through these programs that I had the opportunity to travel across the United States to places such as San Francisco, Seattle and Boston to represent CSB/SJU and to travel to the other side of the world to China and Hong Kong! 

How did CSB/SJU prepare you for the rigors of a top law school?

By my junior year, I knew that I wanted to attend a top law school in the US or the UK. The reading and writing intensive Political Science program, along with the globally focused business and entrepreneurship classes I took, fully prepared me for my law studies. It was because of my time at CSB/SJU, the rigorous course load, and the experiences I was able to gain that I got into a top five UK Law School, where I had the opportunity to present a mock trial before the Queen! CSB/SJU put me on the path to achieve my grad school and career goals. Perhaps equally as important, I thoroughly enjoyed my time at Saint Ben's and Saint John's. 

Why would you recommend CSB/SJU to prospective students?

CSB/SJU will provide you with a solid foundation, enabling you to prepare for your future, whether it is graduate school or entering the workforce. Further, CSB/SJU provides a supportive environment that will allow you to flourish in your studies, as well as to grow personally.