ACT/SAT Test Optional Information

The College of Saint Benedict and Saint John’s University have a test-optional admission policy.

CSB+SJU only consider standardized test scores during the admission and scholarship awarding process if they benefit the student.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to apply test-optional

In order to remove the typically required item of “test score” from the application checklist, applicants should indicate they will be applying through our test-optional process on the Common Application or the CSB+SJU Get INspired application.

Please note:

  • Test scores are required from all applicants unless they select “No” on the “Should CSB+SJU consider yourACT or SAT scores when evaluating your application for admission and scholarships?” question on the application.
  • If applicants select this option, test scores will not be used (even if submitted) for admission or merit scholarship consideration.

Why did CSB+SJU decide to adopt a test-optional admission policy?

We realize the results of a standardized test don’t give us the full picture of a student’s future potential. Studies have shown that a more accurate measure of whether or not a student will be successful is by seeing the results of what they do on a daily basis. An applicant’s high school transcript shows us these results, not the test score achieved on one particular day.

Who should not report their test scores?

Students who do not feel their test scores accurately reflect their academic potential will have the choice of whether or not to submit their scores. As a result, those with strong college potential will continue to be accepted and awarded scholarships based on other application components such as their high school transcript and extracurricular involvement.

How do we evaluate students who do not submit standardized test scores?

We will review all other required materials including official high school transcripts. We will closely evaluate applicant’s high school work: curriculum, trends in grades and how they have challenged themselves. We will also evaluate high school involvement: extracurricular activities, leadership and community engagement.

Will I be at a disadvantage if I decide not to submit standardized test scores?

No. There will be no negative impact on applications without test scores, and applicants will still be considered for our academic achievement scholarships.

Who is required to submit test scores?

  • Home-schooled students who have not completed any college, AP or PSEO coursework.
  • Students who have attended a nongraded school.
  • International students who need to demonstrate English language proficiency will need to submit ACT, SAT, TOEFL, IELTS, DET or PTE Academics.

Test Codes for CSB+SJU


CSB: 2094
SJU: 2146


CSB: 6104
SJU: 6624

For more information about test-optional admission policies and for a list of other colleges and universities who give students options with standardized testing and admission, visit
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