Meet our Admission and Community Engagement Team

Wondering who that super spunky CSB/SJU student is contacting you? Meet our Admission and Community Engagement Team, a dynamic group of current students who are passionate about answering your questions and sharing the Bennie/Johnnie experience with you. 

Bethany Bierscheid


Sartell, Minn.
Elementary Education Major, Math Endorsement
Text Me: 320-356-5871

"I am involved in the AKS Service Sorority and the Education Club. In my free time I also coach a local dance team in Sartell. This past semester I studied abroad in South Africa, and although it ended 2 months early due to COVID-19, I had the experience of a lifetime and would go back in a heart beat. CSB/SJU have opened me up to so many opportunities and given me the years of my life."

Ashley Dalbec


Maplewood, Minn.
French Major, Secondary Education Minor
Text Me:  320-356-5286

"I have been a Resident Assistant (RA), and participated in French Club, the Languages & Cultures Department and Praise in the Pub. I also studied abroad in France. As an RA, I built relationships with many empowering Bennies who are involved in great things such as Dream Team and Health Advocates. I learned so much about the CSB/SJU community! While abroad, I studied at an international school in Cannes where I met people from all over the world. I now have friends from Brazil, the UK, Italy, and more. I was so fortunate to learn French in an international setting and live on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea for a semester!"



Willmar, Minn.
Global Business Leadership Major, Psychology Minor
Text Me: 320-345-3243

"I participate in CSB/SJU Choir. Through choir I had the wonderful opportunity to go to Europe for three weeks!  We visited  Germany, Austria and the Czech Republic. I received another global opportunity through a club called Square One Global. Through Square One I traveled to Nairobi, Kenya and spent a week there. While there we helped set up an aquaponic system and did our best to help in the community."



Woodbury, Minn.
Political Science Major, Global Business Leadership Minor
Text Me: 320-356-5867

"CSB/SJU have presented  me with opportunities I would have never even considered prior to my time here. From traveling to Peru to shoot a documentary, to having breakfast with the former President of Colombia Juan Manuel Santos, I am continually amazed by the new passions that CSB and SJU ignite in my life. So far I have spent time in two countries, including time spent in Peru to shoot a documentary with Extending the Link. I'm also a member of the CSB Student Senate and a McCarthy Center Volunteer!"



Nassau, The Bahamas
Environmental Studies Major, History Minor
Text Me:  320-356-5874

"I enjoy meeting students and people from different backgrounds! It's surprising to see how many cultural similarities there are as well as differences. I've met people from different continents and hope to meet a lot more!

My favorite event at CSB/SJU is the Festival of Cultures! It was cool to watch the various students represent their cultures in the form of booths, foods, and art. It is amazing! Also, I love the end of the year gala's, where students dress formally to celebrate the various cultural groups."

Student being cheering on by another student wearing a banana costume


Willmar, Minn.
Mathematics Major, Secondary Education Minor
Text Me: 320-356-5855

"I play football (Tight End/Offensive Line) for Saint John's and also played baseball for my first two years (Pitcher). I  enjoy intramurals and have played softball and volleyball with friends. I have a on-campus job with the Math Department as a tutor and course assistant. I am also a new Education Department mentor, which includes attending events and helping first-year education students. I really enjoy the liberal arts experience and have had the chance to take some interesting classes outside my field with great professors, like Music Through History, Songs of Love and Freedom, Theory of Coaching, and Sports Injury Management."



Kasson, Minn.
Biology Major, Hispanic Studies Minor
Text Me: 320-356-5302

"I am part of Benedictine Friends, Biology Club, Medical Brigades and various CSB/SJU ministry events. I also  work in the Admission Office and do what I love so much – talk with prospective students!

My favorite events at CSB/SJU would be the Johnnie/Tommie football game, Thanksgiving at SJU, and Christmas Dinner at CSB and Brinner (breakfast for dinner). When I am not attending events, in lecture or with friends my favorite places are  the SJU Abbey, the Dietrich Learning Center Balcony, and Clemens Library."