Admission & Financial Aid

FAQs for Accepted and Enrolled Students

Financial Aid

I’ve submitted everything but I am still being asked for the IRS data retrieval through FAFSA. Since you already have all my tax information why do you need the IRS retrieval?

Your FAFSA has been selected by the federal government for verification. When this happens (and about 30% of FAFSAs are selected) there are only two ways to satisfy or complete the verification requirement. One is to utilize the FAFSA’s IRS Data Retrieval Tool to transfer the student's and parents' income and taxes into the FAFSA. The second is to request a tax return transcript directly from the IRS, which adds time to the process because it has to be mailed to the financial aid office.

Learn more about the verification requirement.

I’ve submitted all my FAFSA paperwork. When can I expect to receive my award letter?

Financial aid notifications are normally mailed within three weeks of the CSB/SJU Financial Aid Office receiving the required forms necessary to complete your financial aid application.

I’m happy with the Academic and Leadership Scholarship I received. However, is there anything else I can do to receive more aid?

Congratulations on your scholarship! Please make sure that your family has also completed the required steps to apply for need-based financial aid, which includes grants, loans and student employment. The results of your family’s FAFSA and determine your eligibility for need-based aid.

Foreign Language Placement Exam

When and how do I complete a foreign language placement exam?

Students who have previously studied Spanish, French or German will take a placement test to determine the appropriate course for continued study at the college level. You may do this at any time, but will definitely want to complete the appropriate foreign language placement exam before submitting your course registration paperwork.

Housing and Residential Life

When do I fill out housing paperwork?

You can begin filling out your housing form in early April. Before you can complete your housing form, you'll need to receive your Banner ID, which is included in your welcome brochure. Your welcome brochure will be mailed to you approximately two weeks after you have submitted the $300 enrollment deposit to secure your spot at CSB/SJU. The housing form is available in the Forms Portal section and is due by June 1. Please note that we do not begin the roommate matching process until the form deadline so there is no advantage to submitting your paperwork early.

When will I learn of my housing assignment?

Your housing assignment will be emailed to your CSB/SJU email account in mid-July.

Do I get to choose which residence hall I’m in?

All of our first-year residence halls are very similar. Our residential life staff assigns students to one of the first-year residence halls.

What happens if I don’t get along with my roommate?

First, providing honest and accurate information on the housing form is paramount. Avoid having your parent fill out your housing form. Second, understand that having a roommate is a great opportunity for growth! You will learn how to communicate with and respect another individual in a way that you might not have done before. And while it may be a little strange and difficult at first, some of life's deepest friendships are made by going through this process.

As for not getting along with your roommate, Residential Life will always listen to your concerns. We have an established roommate conflict process in place with full support from Resident Assistants once you live on campus.

Transfer Credits and Transcripts (AP, CIS, IB and PSEO)

Have you taken college credits in high school and wonder how they will transfer?

CSB/SJU are currently implementing an innovative new general education curriculum titled Integrations Curriculum. The new Integrations Curriculum will be in effect for students entering fall 2020 and after. The details of how transfer coursework will apply to specific requirements in the new curriculum is still under development. At this time, we will review transfer coursework in terms of fulfilling elective credits required to earn a bachelor’s degree at CSB/SJU.

Learn more.

How do I know if my college credits earned in high school will transfer?

Registering for Classes

When do I register for classes?

For your first semester, we actually select your classes for you based on the academic interests you list on your Advising and Registration form, located in the Forms Portal section on the Accepted and Enrolled Students page. Our academic advisors will use this information to plan your first semester for you.

When will I receive my class schedule?

You can expect to receive your class schedule in late July.

Orientation and First Day of Class

When is move-in day?

Coming soon.

2020 International Student Dates:

August 24 – Move-in day. Arrive on campus between 10 am and 7 pm.
August 25 – New international student orientation. (Mandatory for international students.)
August 27-30 – Orientation for U.S. and international first-year students.

Please visit the International Student page for more information, or reach out to Alex Schleper with questions.

What dates should I take off for New Student Orientation?

Coming soon.

Are there any optional pre-orientation experiences?

Yes! You should check out Collegebound, an optional wilderness learning experience for incoming first year or transfer students to CSB/SJU. Students will either rock climb or canoe in northern Minnesota for the week preceding orientation, no experience necessary.

When does class start?

Classes for the 2020 fall semester will begin on August 31.

Tuition Payments and Student Accounts

When is the first bill due?

The academic year is divided into two billing periods, fall semester and spring semester. Students will be billed for the fall semester on or near July 15, with a due date of August 10. The spring semester will be billed on or near December 15 with a January 10 due date. Please note that we do not send out paper bills. We use electronic billing so you will receive notification through an email from our Student Accounts Offices.

Campus Life

How do I find out about important dates for the school year?

Visit the Registrar’s Academic Calendars page.

I’d like to have a computer on campus, what do I need to know?

Before going computer shopping, take a few minutes to read the online resources from our IT Services Department. They answer the Top 10 Questions from New Students regarding the requirements for bringing a student-owned computer to campus.

Students who do not have a personal computer in their room will usually have close access to a computer in a computer cluster in their residence hall, which are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Each computer cluster has a LaserJet printer located in it as well.

In addition, Computer Access Areas are open and accessible when students need them. The Alcuin Computing Center located at SJU and the Clemens Computing Center located at CSB are open until midnight on most days. Each lab has two LaserJet printers for students to use.

Do I need a car on campus?

No. While you are welcome to bring a car, very few students actually use them for traveling between campuses. The LINK shuttle service is much more convenient and environmentally friendly. The class and bus schedules are arranged so that there is plenty of time to make the commute between campuses.

Can I park a car on campus, and how much does it cost?

Yes. Here is the cost:

ANNUAL = $150 + tax (for students living on or off campus)

If I participate in a protest could it affect my admission to CSB/SJU?

The College of Saint Benedict and Saint John’s University have always supported and encouraged civic and political engagement. Participation in peaceful protests will not adversely affect the admission process for any student who applies to or has been accepted to CSB or SJU.

What if I’m a student with a disability?

Please visit the Student Accessibility Services page for more information or email Krysten Schwartz, our Disability Specialist, with questions.

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