CSB/SJU Internationalization Lab

Provost’s Charge

The College of Saint Benedict and Saint John’s University has been invited by the American Council on Education Internationalization (ACE IZN) to form a steering committee to explore global engagement at CSB/SJU. We join 12 other colleges and universities selected to participate in the 19th cohort of the ACE IZN Laboratory, which provides customized guidance and insight to help colleges and universities achieve their internationalization goals.

The Charge for our ACE IZN Steering Committee is to:

  • Review and assess CSB/SJU’s current internationalization efforts;
  • Establish strategies for increasing global engagement in the curriculum and co-curriculum, international partnerships and student mobility, and institutional leadership and policy;
  • Identify opportunities to strengthen diversity, equity, and inclusion with campus internationalization initiatives;
  • Prepare a draft of an actionable CSB/SJU Global Engagement Strategic Plan.

Our ACE IZN Lab Leadership Team includes Drs. Barb May, Deborah Pembleton, Shane Miller, and Kevin Clancy. The Lab Leadership Team has identified other  important Steering Committee members to delve into questions of global engagement at CSB/SJU.

Examples of committee tasks include:

  • two meetings (launch, debrief) for the Steering Committee to meet with our ACE mentors, Dr. Nell Pynes and Erin Baldwin;
  • monthly (60 minute) Steering Committee meetings;
  • subcommittee meetings as required;
  • optional topic-specific discussion sessions that may require additional meeting time.

The most critical contribution from committee members are thoughts, reflections, and input. The Center for Global Education staff and the Lab Leadership Team will attempt to address the majority of the workload for the Lab.  

Please notify Kevin Clancy at [email protected] if you have any questions about the ACE IZN Lab.


Richard Ice