Welcome Back BBQ a Success!

It was a gorgeous Wednesday evening on our first week of classes. Students across campus were strolling around, laughing, and reengaging with their friends. They didn’t have too much homework yet or exams to study for. On the St Ben’s and St John’s campuses, we refer to it as the most beautiful time of the year.

One group in particular was taking advantage of the opportunity to gather: the Accounting and Finance Department. All nine faculty members arrived early, started up the charcoal grills, set up the entertainment, and got the food ready. When students arrived a half hour later, burgers, brats, potato salad, and desserts were waiting for them.  Department-branded “bags” boards were set up, and a student musician sang a Chris Stapleton cover.

Some students arrived with their friends. Some first-year students arrived alone, only to be quickly welcomed by older students and their professors. Students challenged faculty in games of bags, while the musician transitioned into Johnny Cash, Jimmy Buffet, and some original music.

Saint Ben’s and Saint John’s are well-known for their tight community, and students within the Accounting and Finance Department feel strong connections not only to the entire college but also to their department members.

Through building community, students will make more friends, who may serve as study partners or mentors during their college years. Students will also make connections with professors, making it easier to ask questions and utilize professors as the student-focused resources they serve to be.

It was a great night!

Saint John’s junior student Zachary Thomas, a Communications major, provided the entertainment for the evening, and evening wrote an original song for our department!
College of Saint Benedict
Saint John’s University

Steven Welch
Chair, Accounting and Finance Department
SJU Simons 238