Paul Pladson

Paul Pladson taught his last accounting class in the Spring 2014 semester. For Academic Year 2014-2015, he will be on sabbatical.  To pay tribute to his contribution to their accounting education, three 2014 accounting majors, Adam Kunkel, Kevin Jirik and Forrest Anderson, prepared a Paul Pladson Tax Class Skit. As Adam put it, "there are probably hundreds of students over the years who have wanted to do a Paul Pladson impression. I'm just happy I got a chance; it was a lot of fun.

On the topic of moving expense expenses, Adam, the pretend Paul, said:
"Class, you'll have to remind me, sometimes I forget. Can you deduct the cost of a moving van as a moving expense?  Yes you can.  Can you deduct the cost of gas as well?  You bet.  Can you deduct food? Nope. You can't.

Moving expenses are hard for me to remember as I have never moved in my entire life, nor do I intend to."

Over the years, hundreds of students have listened to Paul's tales and examples regarding his Christmas tree farm. A select few remember the time Paul came to work looking a bit worse for the wear after falling from a tree while using a chain saw.

Adam, the pretend Paul, paid homage to this history:
"As you probably heard, I'm retiring and I'll be moving to my home in the woods that is built out of Christmas trees.  I will spend time shoveling my driveway and cutting down wood for my wood burning furnace.  As you may recall, in 2009 I put in a Geothermal heating system, but I got bored.  Cutting down trees is my one true joy in life so I went back to a wood burning furnace. Besides I didn't need the tax savings anyway.  I just never filled out Form 5695, Residential Energy Tax Credit, and I wanted to try it."

We know that, rather than cutting down trees, teaching is a source of true joy in Paul's life. It has been our privilege to share that joy with him.

Paul Pladson (on the left) and Adam Kunkel