Huge Turnout at Investment Banking Info Session

We have seen an explosion of student interest in all topics related to finance: analysis, wealth management, commercial banking, private equity, and investment banking. Knowing this, we held an investment banking info session on campus on January 24th. We hoped to have 25 students attend and were blown away when more than double that number showed up!

For this event, four professionals from the multinational bank BMO came to the Saint John’s campus to talk to students about the field of investment banking. They discussed what working in the field is like, opportunities the field leads to, and how students can position themselves for internships or full-time positions with investment banks.

banking presentation

It’s a packed house in Simons Hall!

Students stayed around for an hour after the event and mingled with the representatives, asking targeted questions unique to their interests and experiences.

Afterward, we reached out to sophomore economics major Ashley Tarrolly for her comments on the event. She responded, “What I love about the speaking events at CSB+SJU is the intimate experience you get with the speakers. They are often happy to come to our school and answer our questions because they know we, as students, excel here. The BMO investment banking information session taught me so much about the culture at the firm as well as day-to-day work life. I appreciated hearing different perspectives from each of the four professionals about the firm’s history, values, and goals.”

We are well on our way to developing a robust investment banking pipeline at Saint Ben’s and Saint John’s!