Freebird - as performed by our own Joe Twohy!


Joe Twohy, a senior Accounting and Finance major, can play the keys of a keyboard as fast or faster than the keys on his computer. Joe started playing piano at the young age of eight, inspired by his dad's love of so many genres of music from classic rock, folk, jazz, and classical music. Joe watched his sisters play piano, thought it looked like fun, and asked his mom to sign him up for lessons.

We're glad he asked. The lessons (and practice) clearly paid off! He practices two to three hours a day. If his accounting professors didn't assign so much homework, he would probably spend more time at the keyboard. He gets additional playing time with the CSBJ/SJU Jazz Ensemble and Combos as well as a campus band. And he occasionally plays at Brother Willie's during happy hours, which is where we caught up to him.

His favorite song to play, and the most requested song? You guessed it! Freebird!

Joe will begin work in the Fall of 2016 with KPMG, one of the Big 4 CPA firms.