Online Accounting Courses

CSB/SJU is offering a highly interactive summer 2017 online accounting course:

  • ACFN 330A-01A: Government & Nonprofit Accounting, 3 credits
    Faculty Moderator - Ben Trnka
    Principles of accounting and reporting for governmental units and not-for-profit institutions and organizations.
    Prerequisite:  Intermediate 1


    Here are some of the particulars for the conduct of the 2017 summer online courses.

    • Classes begin June 5th and end July 31, 2017 - eight weeks in total. There will be about two to three hours per week of 'class' time; along with your study and homework, students should plan to spend a total of nine to ten hours a week on the course. 'Class' time will be quite interactive for an online course.
    • We provide a variety of Camtasia videos, electronic office hours (where we can chat face-to-face using technology) and live lectures, where students will have the ability to ask questions, just like an in-the-seat class.
    • Given the various work schedules that students have, we record all the live lectures. Thus, if students cannot 'attend', they shall view the material at their own schedule.
    • Tuition is about $350 per credit; the course is 3 credits. Students who are not currently enrolled at CSB/SJU are charged an additional $50 application fee.
    • Studentswill need an internet connection. Students should have a microphone for their computer (less than $10  expenditure) and a web cam. (as little as $4 to $10 dollars on the web.) 

    How to register:

    CSB/SJU current students: email the Registrar's Office noting the course(s) desired.
    Non CSB/SJU students: complete a Data Collection Form and submit it. Direct any questions to the Registrar: [email protected]