2021 Academic Advisor Award – Boz Bostrom

“The Academic Affairs office at CSB/SJU annually recognizes faculty for their achievements and contributions to the Saint Ben’s and Saint John’s community. This year, Boz Bostrom from the Accounting and Finance Department received the Academic Advisor Award.

Boz was nominated for this award by his student advisees – he formally advises 50+ students and serves as an informal advisor and mentor to many, many more. Boz helps students become strong leaders by encouraging them inside and outside of the classroom.

The connections Boz brings from his experience in the accounting field enables many of the students find jobs, even before graduation. He is willing to help students in any major and makes a point to get to know the students and make them feel welcomed.

Boz has the amazing ability to remember the names of almost all the students he has ever taught, even when they come back to campus after many years. No wonder his students and advisees love him!

Boz feels very strongly about the Bennie and Johnnie community. He even moved from his old home near St. Paul to live in a house situated between the CSB and SJU campus to be near the action. He is very deserving of this award and we thank him for his hard work.

Congratulations Boz!