American Catholicism in An Age of Global Influence

Dr. Joseph Chinnici

Monday, October 24, 2011
7:45 p.m., Gorecki 204

The world process of globalization which came to ecclesial awareness at the Second Vatican Council has changed the role of the American Church in the last seventy years.  Now attached to a world super-power, the Church in this country has more extensive influence and, of consequence, more responsibility.  What ethical demands does this new situation place upon the believer?   This lecture will describe this process of transformation in identity in the American Church, give some examples, and issue some challenges for the practice of the faith in the twenty-first century.

chinniciDr. Chinnici is an Oxford-educated Professor of History and the newly appointed President/Rector of the Franciscan School of Theology, one of the nine schools that make up the ecumenical consortium of GTU in Berkeley, California. He is a widely-respected scholar, teacher and speaker in the area of American Catholic history and spirituality. Having served as president of the American Catholic Historical Association, he authored the seminal work Living Stones: The History and Structure of Catholic Spiritual Life in the United States (1989, 1996), followed by numerous book chapters and articles in academic journals. His most recent book is When Values Collide: The Catholic Church, Sexual Abuse, and the Challenges of Leadership, published in 2010.

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