Past Lectures

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2013-Woman Up: How Feminist Theory Can Strengthen Economics by Dr. Nancy Folbre

 2012- Fiscal Therapy: A Rehab Plan for American's Addiction to Debt by William J. Gale

2011-The Religious Roots of Modern Economics:Historical Origins and Contemporary Consequences by Benjamin M. Friedman

2011 Audio Benjamin M. Friedman Lecture

2010 - Reconciling The  Science and Economics of Climate Change by Eban Goodstein

2009 - The Civil Market by Stefano Zamagni

2008- The Power of TV by Emily Oster

2007 - How Growing Inequality Hurts the Middle Class by Robert H. Frank

2006 - Is War Necessary for Economic Growth? by Vernon W. Ruttan

2005 - Can Foreign Aid Save Africa? by Dr. William Easterly

2004 - Does Big Government Hurt Economic Growth?, by Peter H. Lindert

2003 - Incentives, Institutions and Development Assistance, by Michael Kremer

2002 - In Defense of Globalization: It Has a Human Face But We Can Do Better, by Jagdish Bhagwati 

2001 - Why Do We Consume So Much?, by Juliet B. Schor

2000 - Social Security Reform, by Edward M. Gramlich

1999 - Uneconomic Growth: in Theory, in Fact, in History and in Relation to Globalization, by Herman E. Daly

1998 - Understanding Asia's Economic Crisis, by Barry Eichengreen

1997 - Economics, Faith and Welfare Reform: Can We Improve Government Policy for the Poor?, by Rebecca Blank

1995 - Sense and Nonsense about International Trade, by Paul Krugman

1994 - Adam Smith Goes to Moscow, by Walter Adams

1992 - Why Competition in Health Care Has Failed: What Would it Take to Make it Work?, by Alain C. Enthoven

1991 - Progress of Economic Reform in Eastern Europe, by Jeffrey Sachs

1990 - Exiting from the Cold War: Problems of Economics and Politics, by Seymour Melman

1989 - Self-Interest, Markets and the Four Problems of Economic Life, by Daniel K. Finn

1988 - Debt, Policy Reform and Poverty Alleviation in Developing Countries, by Anne O. Krueger

1987 - The Preferred Option for the Poor: An Economist's Perspective, by Stephen T. Worland