Stephen T. Worland

The Preferred Option for the Poor: An Economist's Perspective

Clemens Lecture Series 1, 1987

Dr. Stephen T. Worland began his education in the Neoga, Illinois public schools. After completing his doctorate at the University of Illinois in 1956 (with a dissertation on the economic thought of St. Thomas Aquinas), he held faculty appointments at Michigan State University, the University of Dayton and the University of Notre Dame.

Worland has written articles and book reviews on the history of economic thought, economic justice and scholastic economics in American Economic Review; History of Political Economy; Review of Social Economy; Southern Economic Journal; Journal of Economic Issues; Social Research; and America. In addition, he is the author of Scholasticism and Welfare Economics, published by the University of NOtre Dame Press in 1967.

In May 1987, Worland was selected to receive the Reinhold Niebuhr Award at the University of Notre Dame. In September 1987, he joined the Saint John's University faculty as the first occupant of the Clemens Chair in Economics and the Liberal Arts.