Buildings identified in the National Register of Historic Places are indicated with an asterisk (*).

University Church

Abbey and University Church* (1958)
Chapel of Saint John the Baptist, Assumption Chapel.

Academic Buildings

Quadrangle* (1869-1883) and Saint Luke Hall* (1889)
Humanities classrooms and offices, School of Theology offices, administrative offices, Great Hall, student refectory. 
Renovated 1979, 1999, 2001, 2009.

Wimmer Hall* (1901)
Faculty and administrative offices, administrative computing, studios of KSJR-FM and KNSR-FM.
Renovated 1999.

Guild Hall* (1901)
Military science classrooms and offices, administrative and student club offices.
Renovated 1986.

Simons Hall (1910)
Social science classrooms and offices. 
Renovated 1989. 

Auditorium* (1927)
Music classrooms, practice rooms and offices; Stephen B. Humphrey Theater; Gertken Organ Studio. 
Renovated 1984.

Emmaus Hall (1950)
School of Theology classrooms, administrative offices, graduate student residences. 
Renovated 1994. 

Collegeville Institute (1968)
Renovated 2021.

Alcuin Library (1964)
Library, media services, audio-visual rooms, computer public access area, rare book collection, University Archives.
Renovated 2016.

Peter Engel Science Center (1965)
Science, mathematics, computer science and psychology classrooms, offices and laboratories; greenhouse; auditorium; computer public access areas. 
Renovated 1998. 

Pellegrene Auditorium (1965)
High-technology multimedia lecture hall and movie theater. 
Renovated 2001. 

Observatory (1970)
Observation deck, study-reference room. 

Warner Palaestra (1973)
Gymnasium, swimming pool, physical education classrooms and offices. 
Renovated 1998. 

Hill Museum & Manuscript Library (1975)
Renovated 2014.

Art Center (1990)
Art studios, offices and classrooms; lecture hall; Alice R. Rogers Gallery; senior studios. 

Sexton Commons (1993)
Campus center including bookstore, cafeteria and lounge areas. 

Science Building (1998)
Natural science and biology classrooms and offices; introductory, advanced and research biology laboratories; museum. 

McNeely Spectrum (1998)
Indoor track, indoor tennis courts.

McKendrick Hall (1998)
Link between McNeely Spectrum and Warner Palaestra with ticket booth, concessions, and gathering space.

Clemens Stadium (1997)
Football stadium, outdoor track, Press box, concessions
Renovated 2009.

McKeown Center (2009)
Campus center including kitchen, dining, study, computer lab, recreational, and lounge areas. 

Athletic Fields Complex (2016)
Dome, Baseball stadium, Concessions

Dietrich Reinhart Learning Commons (2017)

Student Greenhouse (2013)

Student Residences

Saint Francis House* (1903, 1983, 1992)
Saint Gregory House* (1907 and 1984)
Saint Benet Hall* (1921 and 1996-99)
Saint Joseph Hall* (1923, 1992)
Emmaus Hall (1950, 1993)
Flynntown Apartments (2009)
Saint Mary Hall (1951, 1982)
Saint Maur House (2001)
Saint Thomas Aquinas Hall (1959)
Saint Bernard Hall (1967)
Saint Bonifice Hall (1967)
Saint Patrick Hall (1967)
Saint Placid House (2001)
Virgil Michel House (1987)
Metten Court (1992)
Saint Vincent Court (1996-2006)