Student Government

Saint Benedict's Senate

As a women's college, Saint Benedict's provides a unique opportunity for women to participate in leadership positions. Student members of the Saint Ben's Senate (SBS) serve to provide a means for expression of and action on student views and interests. A group of 16 executive board women serve on a variety of institutional committees, take on special projects and are responsible for the disbursement of the student activity fee.

Saint John's Senate

The Senate is made up of 17 members: the president, regent and three standing committees. These committees include: Student Services, Judicial Board and the Activities and Allocation Board, which is responsible for dispersing the student activity fee. The following vision is from the Saint John’s Senate Constitution: We are seventeen men comprising an integral group whose mission is to address and represent student interests, concerns, and welfare as well as the mission and values of the University. Our job is to continually examine our individual roles as student leaders, as a student Senate, and how our actions affect not only students and administrators, but surrounding communities.