The Office of Academic Assessment and Effectiveness (OAAE) provides (a) guidance and support for CSB/SJU academic departments and programs undergoing disciplinary program review, (b) guidance and support for academic departments and programs preparing for required annual academic reporting, (c) the administration of end-of-semester course evaluations of the faculty, (d) leadership and guidance for accreditation by the Higher Learning Commission (HLC) and (e) administration of CSB/SJU's participation in some national research studies and programs.

Institutional Accreditation

CSB and SJU are accredited by the Higher Learning Commission. OAAE provides direct leadership and support to the institutions as we prepare for accreditation.

Program Review

Every 10 years, each academic department and program conducts disciplinary program review. Program review is a process where departments evaluate, among other criteria, their curricula, pedagogy, student learning, and cite achievements of students and faculty. Departments and programs create a self-study document. An external disciplinary evaluator visits campus typically for 2-3 days and provides an independent evaluation of the department or program. At the end of the process, an action plan is developed to provide accountability and to ensure continued quality improvement.


OAAE supports the improvement of teaching and learning on the campuses using student outcomes assessment. We support faculty efforts to advance the quality of teaching and student learning by assisting in the design, implementation, and measurement of assessment activities. We collaborate with faculty, staff, academic and non-academic departments.

End-of-Semester Course Evaluations of Faculty

OAAE administers course evaluations of the faculty for the campuses through an online system for all credit bearing courses each semester. OAAE supports faculty by assisting in developing course evaluations questions, educating them on the uses and features of the system, and providing technical support.