Campus Support Services

Campus Services
Information Technology Services, Counseling Services, Bookstores, Dining Services, Postal Services, Health Services.

Academic Services
Libraries, Academic Advising, Writing Centers, Math Center, Office of Academic Assessment and Effectiveness, XPD - Experience and Professional Development, Undergraduate Research and Creative Work.

Student Life
Residential Programs, International Student Programs, Campus Ministry, Athletics, Student Government, Student Activities and Leadership Development, Advocates for Sexual Consent, Health Advocate Program (CSB), Health Initiative (SJU), Peer Resource Program (SJU).

Requirements for Admission, Application Procedure, Enrollment Procedure, Homeschool Student Admission, Non-Immigrant International Student Admission, Credit for International Examinations and Certificates, International Application and Financial Aid Deadlines, Transfer Students, Transfer Application and Financial Deadlines, Readmission.

Financial Information
Student expenses at the College of Saint Benedict and Saint John's University are governed by a number of common policies. Other policies are specific to each college.

Financial Aid
Scholarships offered at the College of Saint Benedict, Scholarships offered at Saint John's University, Types of Financial Aid, Packaging of Aid, Application Procedures, Renewal of Aid.