Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory Grades

All students may take a maximum of one course (four credits) per semester for which they will receive an S/U grade. This is in addition to those courses offered only on an S/U basis.  The grade of S will be recorded for work meriting letter grades of A, AB, B, BC, or C.  Coursework meriting a grade of CD, D  or F will be recorded as a U and no credit will be granted.

The courses selected for S/U grading may not include offerings in the student's declared major; required supportive courses for that major; or courses announced for A-F grading only.  However, a student who is undecided about or changes a major field may be allowed one course with an S grade toward completion of that major.  Courses required for a minor may be taken S/U with permission of the department chair.

In a course with standard grading (the option of A-F or S/U), the student may request S/U status up until the deadline specified in the instructor's syllabus (but not later than the end of the semester), after which there can be no change in grade status.  Whether the course is S/U or graded, all students must fulfill the same assignments and course responsibilities.