Final Examinations

The academic calendar concludes each semester with a one-day study and three-day test cycle. Faculty may administer final exams, final projects or presentations for their classes only during the exam period officially scheduled by the Registrar's Office. Cumulative final examinations, projects or presentations, may not be given during the regularly scheduled class days of the semester, except for night classes. If there is to be a cumulative final exam in a course, students must be given the opportunity to review all tested materials by the last scheduled class.  The faculty member has the right to retain the tested materials.

Study day is meant to support student preparation for the final exam period. Faculty or departments may offer study sessions to assist students in their preparation.  Please do not schedule required activities on this day (no final exams, final projects or presentations).

Instructors of each full-term course are expected to announce at the beginning of the course whether a two-hour final examination, final project or presentation will be given. Such an exam will be administered during the three-day test cycle according to the schedule above. Note that a class is assigned a test time and day in the schedule according to the cycle and time period it meets during the semester. Night classes may use their last regularly scheduled class period for a final exam or request a multi-section common exam time.

One period has been reserved on each of two test days for the administration of a common exam for multiple-section courses who so desire. A list of such courses, and their exam times, will be announced this fall. The legend, MS, in the accompanying chart signifies times set aside for these multi-section common exams.