Latino/Latin American Studies

Interdisciplinary Program Director: Bruce Campbell

The Latino/Latin American Studies minor is an interdisciplinary curriculum that explores the histories and cultures of the peoples of the Americas. The program offers a variety of courses, some focusing on particular national groups or specific academic disciplines, and others organized around comparative topics or issues. The purpose is to encourage in-depth study as well as general inquiry into the problem of cultural difference and its social and political implications, within the Americas.

Major (None)

Minor (20 credits)

The Latino/Latin American Studies minor requires Spanish-language proficiency and twenty (20) credits of Latino/Latin American Studies courses: eight credits, required; and twelve credits, elective. Classes will be conducted in English and Spanish, depending on the department that offers them.

Required Courses: HISP 336 and 337.

Special Requirements: Demonstrated proficiency in Spanish by completing pre-requisites for HISP 336/337 or by approval of the Hispanic Studies faculty.

Electives: Plus three additional courses, only one of which may come from HISP. Approved courses include appropriately-themed courses offered on study abroad, and GBUS 338; HIST 121, 122, 321, 322, 323, 324; HISP 321, 328, 340, 342, 345, 355C, 355D, 356AB, 356D 356F, 356G, 356H, 356I, 358; LLAS 120; POLS 343, 345, 347, 380B; SOCI 322, 327, 336A, 351; THEO 317, 328, 329D; and the following courses focused on an appropriate topic (The approval of the Latino/Latin American Studies Program Director is necessary for these courses to count toward the minor.): HISP 133; HIST 200, 300, 395, 397; ENGL 355, 365, 381, 382; HISP 397; THEO 397; SA 375A.

Courses (LLAS)