Courses of the College

The colleges offer a variety of courses which extend beyond the boundaries of a single discipline. Some courses may fulfill common curriculum requirements.

Major (None)

Minor (None)

Cross-disciplinary Courses

First Year Seminar (FYS)

100, 101 First-Year Seminar. (4,4)
Courses which meet the First-year Seminar requirement appear in the class schedule.

201 Transfer Seminar. (4)
Course designed to meet the First-Year Seminar requirement for transfer students. Note: This course is not available for students whose transferred courses were completed prior to high school graduation. Prerequisite: approval of Academic Advising office.

Ethics Common Seminar (ETHS)

390 Ethics Common Seminar. (4)
Courses which meet the Ethics Common Seminar requirement appear in the class schedule.

Interdisciplinary Courses (COLG)