Occupational Therapy

Advisor: Donald Fischer 

Saint Benedict's and Saint John's pre-occupational therapy program prepares students to enter a professional program in occupational therapy, which at most colleges and universities leads to a master of science degree in occupational therapy (2-3 years) or a doctorate of occupational therapy (4 years).

Students usually complete a four year bachelor of arts degree at CSB/SJU prior to applying to a graduate program in occupational therapy. Pre-occupational therapy students usually major in one of the natural or social sciences. Most occupational therapy schools require that students enter the master's program with background in biology, psychology (8-12 credit hours in each area) as well as math, government, economics, and sociology. Most graduate programs prefer a grade point average GPA above 3.0, with an even higher GPA in the pre-occupational therapy coursework. They also require or value any occupational therapy experience that students may bring to their programs. Opportunities to do internships or shadowing experiences with area occupational therapists are available through CSB/SJU.

It should be noted that there is no specific set of courses that fit requirements of all occupational therapy graduate programs. Indeed pre-occupational therapy requirements vary extensively from program to program even within a given state. For these reasons it is extremely important that interested students contact the pre-occupational therapy advisor at CSB/SJU early in the fall semester of their first year to begin designing their program of study in a way that meets their academic interests and future plans.

Common courses that are required by most programs are: Biology 325 and 326, Psychology 111, 360, and 381, Sociology 111, and Math 124.

The following classes are suggested for first year students: BIOL 101 and 201 (or 216), MATH 124, PSYC 111.