Interdisciplinary Program Director: Jennifer Schaefer

Neuroscience seeks to understand how the nervous system acquires and integrates information from the environment in order to produce behavioral responses. It is an inherently interdisciplinary field that investigates nervous system function at the molecular through behavioral levels.

Major (None)

Minor (24 credits)

Required Courses:

  • Foundational coursework: BIOL 101, 201, PSYC 111
  • Core Course: A choice of either BIOL 320 or PSYC 340

Electives: Eight (8) credits from the following courses: BIOL 311, 317, 320, 323, 325, CHEM 347, 352, 355, 364, CSCI 317F, 332, PHIL 363, 366, 367, PSYC 309K, 324, 330, 340. If Biology 320 was taken as core course, one elective must be from Psychology. If Psychology 340 taken as core course, one elective must be from Biology.

Special Requirements: A maximum of 12 credits can come from the same department, and only introductory coursework can count toward your major(s) or an additional minor.