Program Director: Alicia Peterson

This interdisciplinary major entails the study of the structure, synthesis, properties and regulation of biomolecules. Cellular, organ, and organismal processes are examined through the study of the complex molecular networks that comprise and regulate them. As such, biochemistry has strong components from the fields of both biology and chemistry. This major is especially appropriate for those who intend to pursue careers in any of the medical fields, graduate education in biochemistry, medical research or employment in the biotechnology industry.

Required Courses: (62-66 credits)
BIOL 101, 201, 311, 317, and 318 (all with attached labs)
CHEM 125, 250, 251,255, 315;
CHEM 201, 202, 203 and 205 (0 or 1 credit labs);
BCHM 317 (same as BIOL 317; Students enroll in BIOL 317 which will be changed to BCHM 317 by the Registrar's office), 375, and XXX (0 credit)

Plus four credits from the following:
CHEM 323, CHEM 347, CHEM 352, CHEM 353, CHEM 358
BIOL 307, BIOL 319, BIOL 320, BIOL 323, BIOL 329, BIOL 339, BIOL 373L

Supporting Courses:
PHYS 191, 200 or 105, 106
MATH 119 and MATH 120 or 124

Special Requirements:
Student must enroll in BCHM XXX and fulfill the requirement by taking either the Biology or Chemistry Major Field Assessment Test (MFAT) in the spring of their senior year.

Students pursuing a major in Biochemistry cannot minor in Biology or Chemistry.

Minor (None)

Courses (BCHM)