Saint Benedict's Policies

Campus Housing and Residency Requirement

As a residential university, all students are required to live on campus. Housing questionnaires are made available, to all CSB students who enroll to assist the Residential Life and Housing Office in the roommate and room assignment process.  Housing forms are due each year by June 1 for new incoming students.  Assignments are sent out to new incoming students in mid-July. For returning students, housing arrangements are determined through participation in the room selection process. Returning students are required to be registered for Fall courses in order to participate in the on-campus room selection process.  All students who wish to select on campus housing must be registered at least 24 hours in advance of the date on which the Room Selection Process they will participate in takes place.

Room rentals are on an academic year basis (September through May) as outlined in the CSB Campus Housing Agreement.  Room changes are permitted only with direct permission from the Residential Life and Housing Office. Students who need to remain in their campus housing during the break periods must make special arrangements with the Residential Life Office.  Failure to make these arrangements will result in unauthorized access fee for $25 per day, up to $100 per week.

A copy of the CSB Campus Housing Agreement can be found on the CSB Residential Life website at or can be obtained from the CSB Residential Life & Housing Office. 

Board Contracts

All Saint Benedict's students living in residence halls are assigned and required to participate in a continuous meal plan.  Students who live in an apartment or townhome are assigned an apartment meal plan with the option to select an alternative board plan within the contract when meeting the appropriate timelines.  The meal plan/board contract is non-transferable and ends at the end of each semester.

Contracts do not include meals during Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter and Spring vacations or during recesses between terms.  Additional information, including limited services and hours of operation, is available through the CSB Culinary Services office and website.

Deferred Payments

Various payment options are available at Saint Benedict's, options include payment before the semester begins, or four installment payments during the semester. Additional information is available through the Student Accounts Office.