Dining Services

Service and hospitality are the primary goals of the dining service programs. The dining services seek to provide well-balanced and nutritious meals for the entire campus community in an aesthetically appropriate environment.

All students living in residence hall housing are required to be on a meal program. Both campuses offer traditional all-you-care to eat dining and casual, informal eating. Our traditional dining rooms have a wide selection of food choices in settings that encourage student and faculty interaction. The casual eating facilities, with menus consisting of sandwiches, snack items, pizza and many specialty items, are very popular with students.

Dining services' role within the colleges also extends to services such as:

  1. Educating students on the myths and realities of wellness and nutrition;
  2. Student employment opportunities for students who are on a work-study program;
  3. Catering for all special meals, refreshment breaks or any function that is sponsored by a campus group and hosted by the colleges; and
  4. Planning and incorporating special event meals for students into the regular menus. (Events traditionally include holiday meals and ethnic dinners.)

Both dining services strive to attain excellence in service and to satisfy the needs of students, faculty, staff and the entire community.