Tri-College Exchange

Saint Benedict's, Saint John's and nearby St. Cloud State University have an agreement designed to allow cross-registration for courses on any of the three campuses by their regular full-time undergraduate students. Saint Benedict's and Saint John's students may register for courses offered in the St. Cloud State University course schedule provided they are registered for a minimum of 12 credits at Saint Benedict's and Saint John's. The request to take a course at St. Cloud State University is filed at the Registrar's Office. The registrar will determine whether space is available and confirm registration. Registration is limited to fall and spring semesters. The exchange program is subject to change without notice or obligation.

Students will be billed tuition and any fees (such as for laboratory or studio materials) at the rates prevailing at Saint Benedict's and Saint John's.

Transportation to and from St. Cloud State University is the student's responsibility, for which the student must assume all obligation and risk.