Education Abroad

CSB/SJU offers eighteen semester-long study abroad programs in fourteen countries across six continents.  The two schools are currently ranked second among baccalaureate institutions nationally for semester study abroad participation.  Before graduating, 63 percent of CSB students and 45 percent of SJU students participate in a study abroad program.

The Center for Global Education (CGE) provides full-semester education abroad experiences for undergraduate students through the following programs:  Australia - Fremantle; Austria - Salzburg; Chile - Viña del Mar; China - Beibei; England - London; Germany - Eichstatt; Guatemala - Quetzaltenango; France - Cannes; Greece & Italy - Athens and Rome (one semester program in two sites); Ireland - Cork, Dublin, and Galway; Japan - Tokyo; Northern Ireland - various cities; South Africa - Port Elizabeth; and Spain - Segovia.  Each study abroad program is limited to between 15 and 35 participants. 

In keeping with the goals of a liberal arts education, the curricular emphasis of education abroad is upon a disciplined and focused curriculum which is designed to take full advantage of local, regional and national opportunities at each site. Courses taught abroad are integrated fully into the Common Curriculum and/or departmental offerings. Each program includes required pre-departure orientation sessions, which include readings, lectures, discussions, writing assignments and audio-visual components. These on-campus meetings, together with individualized academic planning and increased attention to building upon the international experience after return to campus, serve to integrate the study abroad programs into the overall CSB/SJU curriculum.

In addition to semester-long programs, CGE coordinates with CSB/SJU academic departments to offer 10-15 short-term study abroad options each year either in the summer or embedded in the semester.  Finally, students can choose to study abroad elsewhere through an External Study Abroad Program. 

All CSB/SJU students are encouraged to attend a Study Abroad 101 informational session in person to begin the research process.  Students are urged to consider study abroad early in their four-year planning process and to meet with CGE staff to discuss their options.  For detailed information about the courses offered through Education Abroad programs at CSB/SJU, please consult the CGE website:

Semester course offerings

Short-term course offerings