Student Right of Appeal

Students have a right to learn the grounds upon which an instructor has graded their work. If, after discussion with the instructor, a student believes that he or she has been graded unfairly, that student may appeal to the department chair. The department chair will attempt to clarify the positions of both the faculty member and the student and find a consensus position. If the student is still not satisfied, petition may be made to the academic dean or the dean's designee, who will implement the next appropriate process. If the instructor and the department chair are one and the same, the academic dean may be consulted at the second level of appeal.

Unless otherwise specified in this catalog, student appeals against other academic judgments should be conducted in like fashion: seeking knowledge of the grounds for a judgment from the relevant faculty member or academic official; moving to that person's superior if the student believes the judgment is unfair; and then petitioning the academic or the dean's designee if still unsatisfied. The academic program of each college is subject to the academic dean and then to the provost for academic affairs.