Incomplete Grades

The policy of the colleges concerning the temporary grade I/grade includes the following:

  1. When instructors determine that circumstances warrant, they may allow some delay in the completion of coursework. Such extensions may not extend beyond the last day of finals (close) of the following regular fall or spring semester. Earlier limits may be set at the discretion of the instructor.
  2. The instructor must report on the official grade roster the grade I, followed by the grade that the student will receive if the coursework is not complete by the end of the following semester (e.g., I/F, or I/C or I/B). That grade will be used in the computation of grade point averages until the incomplete is removed.
  3. If by the end of the following semester the instructor reports a single final grade to the registrar, that grade will replace the I/[grade], the incomplete will be removed and averages recomputed accordingly. Otherwise the provisional grade which was assigned along with the I will become a permanent part of the transcript.

    When an instructor is no longer available to report a change of grade for an incomplete, the student will be given three options:
    1. The student can take the grade given with the incomplete.
    2. The student can take an S/U option.
    3. The student can Withdraw from the class.
  4. Exceptions to the above may be granted only by the written permission of the academic dean or the dean’s designee. Such exceptions will ordinarily be granted only in cases of medical disability or problems of comparable seriousness as determined in the judgment of the dean.

    Degree candidates are cautioned that failure to have all degree requirements satisfied (including removal of incomplete grades in courses needed for graduation) by the dates set by the registrar will necessarily postpone their graduation.