Policy on Syllabi

All courses require a syllabus. The syllabus must be available on the first day of class. Course syllabi are required to include the following components:

  • CSB/SJU course identification
    • Course prefix and number (ex. COLG 100); topics courses include a letter (ex. COLG 100A)
    • Semester and year the course was offered (ex. Spring 2019)
  • Instructor name and contact information
  • Catalog description of the course (all sections must adhere to the published academic catalog description)
    • Faculty may include additional, more detailed information about the course.
  • Student learning outcomes (all sections must have the same core student learning outcomes); faculty may add additional outcomes as appropriate.
  • Assignments and grading procedures
    • Describe how the instructor will compute final grades.
    • Identify required exams and assignments.
    • List required meetings and events that occur outside of regular class times.
    • State S/U policy (see Academic Catalog for the institutions’ Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory policy).
  • Required textbooks or course materials.
  • Links to institutional policies:
  • A permanent copy of the syllabus (for example, as a pdf) must be submitted to the department chair/coordinator