Academic Policies and Regulations

Academic Programs and Regulations
Degrees Offered, Integrations Curriculum and Common Curriculum.

Programs of Study
Major and Minor programs.

Acceptance into a Major, Individualizing a Traditional Major, Pre-Professional Programs.

Special Academic Programs
Honors Program, International Education, Continuing Education, Internship Program, Service Learning, Tri-College Exchange, Assessment.

Attendance, Course Numbers, Policy on Syllabi, Final Examinations, Course Auditing, Individual Learning Projects.

Credits, Grades and Honor Points, Grade Point Average, Dean's List, Incomplete Grades, Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory Grades, Withdrawal from Courses, Repeating Credits, Academic Standing.

General Requirements for Graduation, Graduation Honors, Transcripts.

Credits Earned Elsewhere
Studies at Other Colleges, Advanced Placement, International Baccalaureate (IB), College-Level Examination Program, Credit by Examination.

Probation and Dismissal
Minimum Academic Standards, Academic Probation, Disciplinary Probation, Consequences of Academic or Disciplinary Probation, Dismissal, Athletic Eligibility, Withdrawal from College, Exemption/Substitution.

Rights and Responsibilities
Academic Honesty, Plagiarism, Non-Discriminatory Access, Student Agreement, Catalog Applicability, Student Right of Appeal, Student Right to Information, Parent Right to Information, Rights Reserved by the Colleges.

Academic Review and Curricular Advancement
Assessment of student learning and program review.