Classical Languages

Acceptance to Major Requirements

Course Requirements:  at least one 300-level course in Greek or Latin by the end of the spring semester of the student’s sophomore year
Minimum Grade and/or GPA for required courses:  2.0 GPA (Major and Department)
Minimum Cumulative GPA:  2.0

Time of application: Ordinarily, students apply to the Languages and Cultures Department Chair for admission to the Classical Languages major during the spring semester of their sophomore year and are accepted to the major before registering for junior-year coursework. Students, of course, may apply for admission to the major earlier as well. We encourage early consultation with Classics faculty, to consider on-campus offerings and study abroad options.

Unconditional acceptance to major: At the time of application, the student (1) has earned at least a C (2.00) grade point average for all coursework completed and for all coursework completed in the intended major and (2) is on track to complete at least one 300-level course in Greek or Latin by the end of the spring semester of the student’s sophomore year.

Conditional acceptance to major: The Languages and Cultures Department Chair may, at her/his discretion, admit students to the major who do not meet the criteria for unconditional acceptance. Such students may proceed with current registration, but their subsequent continuation in the major will be contingent on meeting expectations stipulated by the Chair.

Major in Classical Studies (40-56 credits)

This major combines the study of language and literature, history, philosophy, and the fine arts for an interdisciplinary approach to classical antiquity. See "European Studies,"  for details.

Major in Classics (30 credits beyond elementary sequence)

This major emphasizes the study of languages and literature.

Required Courses:
Seven upper-division courses in either Greek (for a Greek concentration) or Latin (for a Latin concentration) or a combination of the two (for a classics concentration), plus 399. The senior honors thesis (398) can be taken in place of 399 and may be one of the seven required courses. Of the seven courses, one may be in classical literature or civilization in translation or (with permission of department chair) in a related field.

Students are strongly urged to take two courses in related fields. Such courses should be chosen to fulfill Common Curriculum requirements.

Minor (12 credits beyond elementary sequence)

The department offers minors in Latin and Greek.

Required Courses:
After completing the language proficiency sequence, three additional upper-division courses in either Latin or Greek.

Greek Courses (GREK)

Latin Courses (LATN)