Faculty and Academic Advising

Faculty and academic advising serve to support and challenge the student in developing meaningful educational plans that are consistent with academic, personal and professional goals. 

Faculty Advising

Each student is required to have one primary faculty advisor, beginning with the First-Year Seminar or Honors Seminar professor for first-year students. In spring of the first year each student selects a new faculty advisor, usually from the department of the student's intended major. (The undecided student may select a faculty member from a department of interest.) In the spring of the sophomore year, the student applies for acceptance into a major department and chooses or is assigned a faculty advisor in that department. Students may enlist additional faculty advisors from areas related to other academic or pre-professional interests.

During registration each semester, the student is required to consult with the primary faculty advisor and obtain the Personal ID Number (PIN) before being able to access the registration system online.

Academic Advising

The Academic Advising Office provides assistance and support to students and faculty across the campuses. The office monitors academic progress, oversees academic probation, and reaches out to a variety of student groups.

Student Accessibility Services

The Student Accessibility Services Office at CSB/SJU is dedicated to reducing barriers in our campus community for individuals with disabilities by:

  • Providing appropriate accommodations for students with disabilities
  • Educating the campus community regarding issues of accessibility
  • Advocating for the rights of individuals with disabilities
  • Fulfilling the institutional obligations in accordance with federal disability laws
  • Empowering students to become more effective self-advocates
  • Providing exceptional student support in an organized and timely manner